The early morning drive to Glenworth Valley had us very excited, we were going to go riding and Quad Biking and Kayaking.

As I have not ridden for 30 years there was also a bit of fear, now I am 73 will I be able to walk again. OH dear, what was I thinking. I have my cousin Emma, my nephew and niece Bryce and Naomi with me, this is our day together and we are going to enjoy every minute.

Our excitement increased as we reached the carpark and smelt the wonderful aroma of the horses, saddled in the paddock ready to meet their riders for the first excursion into the beautiful valley. We registered at reception, were given our helmets and went to meet our horses. Mine was a beautiful white named Mystery, what a lovely gentle horse with good manners and a great instinct to look after his rider. He was huge so I needed all the help I could get just getting up there.

Our Guide was Andre, a wonderful man who knew every horse and was able to assist each rider in how to help them look after their charge. Andre’s assistant was a sweet young lady called Isabella. The time had come to move em out, the horses jockeyed for their position in the file and we were away. I cannot describe how wonderful it felt to be sitting on a horse again. What took me so long?

For 2 1/2 hours we meandered through the most beautiful valley on the coast. We were greeted by Lyre Birds running through the growth, what an amazing sight to see this beautiful shy bird out in the open. We sighted about 10 that morning, worth coming back just to see the wild life and the beauty of this wonderful valley.

When we returned, getting me off the horse was hysterical, my knees were not my own anymore, and my bum was a bit numb too.

Now who was the genius that chose to go Quad biking right away….never having been on a Quad Bike I was wondering how I would go, well there was no need to worry as our instructor knew just how to teach us the best way to do this so we could get the maximum enjoyment from our ride. Thank you Sarah you are a treasure. We had a ball, definitely coming back to do this again.

By now we were all starving, so off to the Café for lunch. I am gluten intolerant so was wondering if there was anything that wasn’t sweet for me to eat. I needed not to have worried as Gabi our café manager has everything one needs for a delicious lunch.

The sausages (Beef and Thyme) and the hamburger meat was gluten free and absolutely delicious, hamburgers all round and mine was on a plate without the bun. Emma and I were a bit too numb to join Bryce and Naomi for a 2½ hr Kayak down the river, so we chilled out and watched the horses having a shower and enjoyed a very good cup of coffee.

The highlight of the day is watching the horses run through the paddocks over the creek and into the paddock where they spend the night.

Glenworth Valley is a wonderful place to come for the day or you can camp for as long as you like. The staff are so well trained that if there is a hitch they know exactly how to deal with it.

You are made to feel so wonderfully special, that is why everyone comes back again. We’re going abseiling next time and Emma and I will go Kayaking too. Bryce and Naomi have been before and will be going again – we all will.




Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures

69 Cooks Rd, Glenworth Valley. Ph: (02) 4375 1222

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