When Artist and Owner, Lorna Ballantyne Epps ran out of space at The Lakehouse Studio on The Central Coast, she and her husband moved into an amazing property in the heart of the Art Hub in Maitland and started The Levee Art Gallery.

Lorna said: “I had the good fortune to be part of the “Renew Newcastle Project” and had a shopfront in the Old David Jones building for about 6 weeks before the developers claimed the building back. This short period confirmed what I knew my next steps needed to be – A Gallery Shopfront where Artists and the general public can come to where there is lots of Colour and Choice where the art is affordable. It should also be a Creative Space where they can come to PLAY, Create, Have Fun.  I tried another venue in Sydney for 6 months until Jan 2018, but I felt that I needed to be physically living on-site where I worked so when this opportunity came up with this Amazing Property in the heart of the Art Hub in Maitland, my husband Bob and I just knew it was the right time, so we literally sold our house to follow my dream.”

She is taking applications now for any Artists, Sculptors or other creatives looking to display their Craft at https://lornaballantyneepps.com/the-levee-art-gallery.
Lorna will also be running Resin Art Workshops, Mixed media & Collage & Painting and Drawing.

The Levee Art Gallery & Studios
Originally built in the Early Victorian period, 1850, as a Wine Merchant, and then later as the Maitland Mail Newspaper, The Levee Art Gallery & Studios will open in May 2018 with a number of opportunities for emerging and established artists.

“We plan to have a Line Up of Resident Artists whose work will be on permanent display as well as Exhibitions from Groups and Solo Artists and sculptors from The Central Coast, Canberra, Sydney and The Hunter Valley. We also have Two Studio Rooms available for short or long term lease to a Creative Artisan looking to work in a creative environment”

Creative Workshops will also be run weekly from the large Creative Studios within the premises.

For all details contact Lorna on 0407 123 200.


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