Lake Tabourie - Cullendulla

Lake Tabourie - Cullendulla

Bawley Point – East Lynne – Termeil – Durras – Kioloa


Steamships were once built here at Bawley Point. Much of the timber used in the construction of these ships came from Termeil timber; a horse drawn train was loaded with logs and it clip-clopped its way into Bawley Point to be sawn by the timber mill, built in 1910, and at one time employing 72 men.

Visitors to Bawley Point or to neighbouring literary-sounding East Lynne can enjoy tranquil beaches, headlands and lagoons where the prawns are a local delicacy, in season.

Much of the area here has been reserved as a sanctuary for wildlife. Warm currents extend the swimming season with miles of quiet beaches and headlands fronting the south Pacific Ocean, which is studded with attractive small islands. Behind the coastline lie the lakes of Termeil, Meroo and Willinga, where vegetation and picturesque views create an idyllic setting to the backdrop of Pigeon House Mountain.

The district offers all kinds of fishing, surfing and swimming for all ages. For the bushwalker there are interesting paths to take through the bush or the Kioloa Forest.

While in the district, seek out the small roadside cafes and shops where some of the walls and counters are thick with show awards for pies, rolls, cakes and other mouth-watering goodies – all produced in country kitchens.

Murramarang National Park

Murramarang National Park was created in 1973, with an area of 1970 hectares. The park was divided, into two sections north and south of Durras Lake, and included four offshore islands. In 2002 the park was increased to 11,978 hectares and now includes Durras Lake.

This park features beaches, rock platforms, spotted gum forests and rainforest gullies, surrounding the beautiful Durras Lake.

The extensive forest in the park is home to many animals. Eastern grey kangaroos, swamp and red-necked wallabies can be seen at dawn and dusk when they feed. Stay in a caravan, cabin or tent and enjoy everything the park has to offer – from walking and picnicking to swimming and fishing. Don’t forget to visit Murramarang Aboriginal Area.

Cullendulla Creek Nature Reserve

The reserve is on the northern shore of Batemans Bay and has beautiful views across to the Tollgate Islands. Explore the mangroves along a raised boardwalk. The unusual dune formations here are known as cheniers and  are of great scientific interest.