The coastal town of Kiama is said to gain it’s name from the aboriginal word Kiaram-a which when translated from the local aboriginal language “where the sea makes a noise”, is undoubtedly referring to the famous ‘Kiama Blowhole’.

At present, there is a wide assortment of things to do and see in the Kiama area. Walking tracks ensure that you can visit the Lighthouse, Kiama Harbour and both the Main and Little Blowhole with ease. Fishing, beach swimming and exploring the rock pools are also great activities.

Some great cafes line the main street for those looking for a bite to eat and the Sandstone Terrace Shops make a great place to browse with friends.

The Kiama Terraces in Collins Street date from around 1886 and are now classified by the National Trust.

Many of the historical buildings can also be viewed and a top heritage walk leaflet is available at the Kiama Visitor’s Centre.



Jamberoo was opened up for grazing in the 19th century and, at the time, much of the original rainforest was shipped out to Sydney as building material. Jamberoo was settled in the 1820’s when it abounded in dense vegetation and rainforest.

Jamberoo today is a small but quaint village and visitors will enjoy a leisurely drive out to the town past the rolling hills and countryside.

Jamberoo still houses many of the original churches and the schoolhouse with the local pub’s age dating back to 150 years ago. Fredericks General Store in Allowrie Street can provide you with a local map should you need one.

Minnamurra Rainforest Reserve and Jamberoo Recreation Park are top attractions in the area to check out and should not be missed when in the area. The rainforest reserve is home to abundant native wildlife and spectacular waterfalls whilst the Jamberoo Action Park is fun for the whole family!

What to See & Do

■ Enjoy the many shops, boutiques and cafes. Check out the Kiama Terraces.

■ Take a walk in the Minnamurra Rainforest or head to Illawarra Fly Treetop walk.

■ Visit the famous Kiama Blowhole or to the Little Blowhole.

■ Be thrilled at Jamberoo Action Park.