Sussex Inlet & Wandandian

Sussex Inlet & Wandandian

Sussex Inlet

Situated 35km south of Nowra and 13km off the Princes’ Highway, Sussex Inlet is a popular spot for water sports, being on the small river which connects St Georges Basin with the ocean. There is a population of some 4,000 permanent residents in Sussex Inlet and adjoining areas of Berrara, Cudmirrah and Swanhaven. A feature of the town is the housing development situated on a tidal canal system.

The canal system has in fact caused the business area of Sussex Inlet to now be located on an island – It is known as the “Island Township”.

Activities include lawn bowling, fishing, sailing, golf, bingo, water skiing and swimming in sheltered waters.

There are several boat hire businesses with small motor boats for hire. There are a large variety of wild birds in the area and kangaroos can be seen feeding on the lawns of the houses at morning and evening.

There are many accommodation businesses including caravan parks, cabins, motels, units and holiday homes available for rental.

Sussex Inlet is the perfect place to enjoy some fishing with family and friends, turn to the next page to see our tidal chart with current tide times to help you plan your day.


The town of Wandandian is located on the Princes Highway between Bewong and Fisherman’s Paradise. Its name comes from the word still used in the Parish of Wandrawandian, which according to older residents has an aboriginal meaning of ‘home of lost lovers’.

Wandandian’s beautiful rural atmosphere is enhanced by Kladis  Estate Wines, hobby farms, fruit orchards, galleries, arts and craft shops, antiques and nurseries.

What to See & Do

■ Bring your own or hire a bike and enjoy the great cycleways around Sussex Inlet.

■ Sussex Inlet is the perfect place for a weekend spent fishing, you can hire a boat or enjoy rock or beach fishing.

■ Enjoy a picnic at pretty Swan Lake, stay for the spectacular sunsets!

■ Take the kids for a bushwalk in the local surrounds.

■ Surfing is great at Cudmirrah Beach.

■ Enjoy lunch at the Bowling Club with the family.

■ Sail or water ski on the lake.