Opening-10 November Mittagong Playhouse.
Following the success of ‘The Vicar of Dibley’, the Highlands Theatre Group will present their next exciting production, the female version of Neil Simon’s timeless comedy, ‘The Odd Couple’, in November at the Mittagong Playhouse.
Ph: 48712888

Following the enormous success in May of ‘The Vicar of Dibley’, the Highlands Theatre Group has wasted no time in preparing for their next exciting production, the female version of Neil Simon’s timeless comedy, ‘The Odd Couple’, which opens at the Mittagong Playhouse on November 10.
Having its debut in 1965 on Broadway and enjoying enormous, subsequent popularity, ‘The Odd Couple’ inspired a film, as well as a long running T.V. series. The names Felix and Oscar, became synonymous with fastidiousness and slovenliness, both practised in equally alarming proportions.
The female version of this production embodies the same humour, but Felix and Oscar have been replaced by two polar opposites, the female characters of Olive Madison and Florence Ungar.
Sports trivia fan Olive, enjoys her free range lifestyle of disarray in her New York apartment, where clothes, dirty laundry and empty food containers are scattered throughout and it is here, that the story begins.
The quirky members of Olive’s Trivial Pursuit Club, meet at her apartment one evening for their usual, weekly game and obligatory consumption of stale snacks, only to notice that their uptight and obsessively neat friend Florence, is strangely absent. When she does finally make her entrance, it’s not without drama and tears. Her husband wants a divorce and Florence is devastated. Olive’s hasty suggestion to Florence, that she move into the guest room, is one that she regrets immediately, particularly when Florence responds by volunteering to clean and tidy the entire apartment!
Clearly, Olive and Florence are totally incompatible as roommates and they become locked into a domestic battle of words and actions. This leads to some truly hilarious and lively exchanges between the two, as they attempt to adapt to each other’s impossible living standards.
Director for this production, Steven Clancy, continues to enjoy a lengthy involvement with Community Theatre, in roles both on and off the stage and he is delighted to be able to present this female version of ‘The Odd Couple’
as HTG’s final production for 2017.
Mittagong Playhouse
Book online: or call
Destination Southern Highlands on 48712888

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