From the Editor June 2017

Make the most of the Winter Magic in this month’s issue! There is so much happening! Although we had our first snows in April we expect more snow as well as more daylight after the Winter Solstice. This is a great time of year for warm fires, hugs and for planning weddings.
Check out where to stay from places that will pamper and entertain you to camping and RV Friendly options. You can even visit new places and enjoy new adventures while your pets stay with you or along the way. Take advantage by exploring widely in our delightful world heritage splendour. Katoomba’s Edge Cinema is revitalised and offering bigger and better experiences than ever. Nature is spectacular and many artists are responding to it.
We offer nourishment for your body, soul and all your senses; history and modern slants on old favourites; options for adventure or relaxation – come and enJoy! Pamper and reward yourself by exploring our antique and art venues, try on some slow or cheeky apparel, taste our wines and discover great cafes, dining and high tea experiences – so many reasons to stay with us. See how much some of our first settled areas have changed as you explore our contrasting regions. Enjoy from the Mountains to the sea, along our waterways, our spectacular gardens, explore above and below ground… Explore by car, cycle, on foot, on horseback or by public transport; sample our different cafes lolly shops and restaurants and stay in different areas… really have a great time!
Take your pick of adventures. You are in this ancient land with its world heritage listed areas and unique ecosystems… look around you and drink it in… stay a while with us… consider what is most precious to you and plan to enjoy it to the utmost. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and check out our web for more information, including our Calendar of Events. Back issues of iMag magazines are available online.
Drive safely, take care, live and love well! Always make every day count…and good luck in finding your answers – whatever the questions!

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