Alcohol Reduction will improve your health

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body with the consumption of alcohol? Australians love a good drink and some of us drink a few a week but some of us go way overboard and get drunk on a regular basis.

Giving up alcohol completely is generally not an option for many people however it has been researched that giving up alcohol does have some significant health benefits. Even if you don’t give it up completely, going dry for a month or so also has benefits.

Trying to convince people to go complete off alcohol is almost impossible and will likely receive backlash however asking them to give it up short term for big health benefits would be more palatable. Health experts want people to view alcohol so that the consumer is in control of what they want rather than alcohol being in control of them.

Drinking guidelines suggest that adults should not drink anymore than 10 standard drinks a week and no more than four drinks a day and survey results suggest that most people follow these guidelines.

Health experts have suggested reducing your alcohol consumption will have the following benefits. The first is an improvement in your quality of sleep with alcohol causing an imbalance in your REM and deep sleep. Reducing alcohol should increase the quality of your sleep as you ween off.

The second benefit is your sex life is likely to be greatly improved as Alcohol affects hormones and chemicals associated with arousal.

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