Telstra ditching live pass for AFL and NFL

Telstra’s free AFL and NRL games for their mobile customers is no longer. Telstra has made the decision to cease streaming of AFL and NRL games and instead, offer discounted access to Foxtel’s Kayo Sports streaming service.
Many Telstra customers will be outraged that they will lose their free access to the AFL and NRL games as part of the plan so Telstra will need to do a convince customers to not vent. The product has been available to Telstra customers since 2014 and many customers will be disappointed that it will be removed.
The change comes as Telstra and Foxtel announced a new partnership where Kayo will take over Telstra’s NRL and AFL apps. This partnership is of no surprise considering Telstra owns a 35 per cent share of Foxtel with News Corp owning the remaining 65 per cent of the venture. To help boost the viewership and in turn, the value of Kayo it makes good business sense for Telstra to promote Kayo.
Telstra who were existing Live Pass customers will now be able to pay $5 a month for NRL or AFL with a Kayo discounted subscription. Those Telstra customers that do not have Live Pass will need to pay $15 a month.
Fortunately for Netball and A-League customers, they will still continue to get their free matches.
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