Lots of treats for all at Merimbula Ice Creamery

The newly renovated Merimbula Ice Creamery has more than just ice cream; it has delicious treats to tempt your taste buds no matter what the weather.
If ice-cream is what you’re after, there’s a huge range to choose from. Merimbula Ice Creamery has more than 34 flavours of ice cream, 14 flavours of gelati and two yoghurts, served in waffle cones baked on the premises. Go a step further and have your cone dipped in tempered chocolate or covered in hot fudge or cream.
Serious about coffee? Choose a ground on demand, Witham’s boutique brand or the organic fair trade selection. There is also a range of syrups for something a bit different.
Belgian waffles, crepes or pancakes, topped with ice cream, fresh fruit and cream are also available to enjoy.
There are also more than 50 flavours of Merimbula Shakes to choose from, or try a hot dog, a bowl of Nachos, fresh fruit salad or hot jam donuts.
For the ultimate birthday party treat, try the Kitchen Sink – 14 scoops of ice cream (regular serve) or 30 scoops for the large, drizzled in hot fudge, cream, fruit and nuts.
Make sure you check the ‘Specials of the Week’ board so you don’t miss out!
Merimbula Ice Creamery is located opposite the Merimbula Post Office. Their website is at www.merimbulaicecreamery.com.au/

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