South Coast Monthly iMag Testimonials

“I have tried various forms of advertising to promote my gym but a large market that I felt I was missing  was the holidaying visitors that may be interested in some exercise while in the area. South Coast Monthly iMag solved this problem. I now regularly have out of town casuals visiting the gym as a result of seeing my ad in the iMag.”
Leigh Miranda, Beach Bodz Gym

“I wouldn’t miss taking out my ad every month in the iMag – I would just miss too many opportunities for business.  Bead Shack has many customers arrive at its doors simply because they are travelling through and saw our ad in the magazine.  iMag is also a magazine that all locals pick up each month, so the coverage is just what I need for my business both for tourism and local information”
Kerry Dove, Bead Shack

“iMag is the only choice when we want to let the south coast know what’s happening. The team at IMAG have an unbeatable combination of local knowledge and an understanding of local business issues on the south coast.” Well Done IMAG
Denise , Waves at the Beach Restaurant

“We have found South Coast iMag a great way to draw in new customers to our out of the way location.  People pick it up in preference to other publications as they recognise the brand and know they will find current information and special deals.  An ad in iMag is a very cost effective way to reach a broad audience. “
Cathy Law, Little Blowhole Café & Grocer

‘One of the most attractive features of the South Coast Monthly iMag, apart from the very affordable cost of advertising, is the efficiency of the administration staff.  We can always rely on Vanessa to advise us of deadlines, delivery dates, special offers etc.  Plus the magazine itself is an excellent resource tool and we often refer to the maps included to direct our customers to the beautiful areas we feature in our gallery.’ Keep up the good work, Vanessa
Anne, Lightstorm Photo-Gallery

“iMag is a great publication. I find it invaluable for visitors and locals who come to my cafe. There is lots of up to date info about whats on, and markes etc. and the map in the middle is really handy”. Thanks Vanessa and Narelle”
Laura, Laura’s Garden Café

“Have seen the new magazine – and the Craft Shop ad looks great, thank you.  You do a wonderful job of making the magazine look interesting and colourful with lots of information.”
Sandra, Village Craft Shop

“ May I thank you for your interest and assistance. It was greatly appreciated and may I say that it has been a real pleasure doing business with you. Hopefully, we can be associated in a similar fashion in regard to other club activities and functions in the future. Again, many thanks for your outstanding service”
Len, Rotary Club of Berry- Gerringong


Southern Highlands & Illawarra Region

We planted our vineyard at Exeter in `1998 but did not have a public outlet for the sale of our wine until one year ago when we opened our cellar door. We are a small operation and because we have a small advertising budget we have to spend carefully.

One of the difficulties in advertising is to know if the ads you are placing are reaching your target market. We have advertised in the iMag since we opened the cellar door and although we ask customers how they found us, the response was often ‘they saw the ads in the IMag’. A number gave indefinite answers. There was no clear indication that the ads were working.

Some months ago David offered us additional space in the iMag which we gratefully accepted. We had a large amount of our 2003 cab/sauv/merlot which we wanted to clear, so we advertised ‘a half price sale’ if purchased by the case. We have been very pleasantly surprised by the response. We experienced a large increase in customers asking for and buying the half price wine. This was proof positive that the ads were working and that they were reaching the target market. A further surprise is that, about half the purchasers were locals, showing that the circulation is larger than we originally expected and an added bonus was that the locals are returning to purchase more wine.

We have given this testimonial freely and voluntarily because we are truly impressed by the circulation of the iMag. If we had not placed the half price sale ad in the magazine, we would never have known how many people read the IMag.

Allan Davies

Sally’s Corner Wines


Hi Linda

You are a doll and no mistake!!!What a great coverage for the show in this month’s iMag.Two mentions on the cover including the pic – plus you always mention us in your editorial and the other bits and pieces we put in. I am so grateful to you for the coverage you give us, and I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are as a group.

Again,many thanks.



“I am very pleased with the results that we achieve via iMag – it continually proves to be one of our biggest promotions – the monthly iMag ensures it is fresh and always available – keep up the great work”

Sean Haylan
General Manager
Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk 

Blue Mountains and Central West RegiomBlue Mountains iMAG has been promoting Wentworth Falls during the centenary of the National Pass and attended our recent wine tasting. Margaret visited d’Vine Cellars on a number of occasions, becoming acquainted with how we operated, then arrived prior to the wine tasting, going over the details with Stephen Sneesby, who was conducting the tasting. Margaret took numerous photographs, interviewing the visitors to the Cellars and discussing their response to the new Paspaley wines as well as their interest in other wines, liquors and products in the Cellars. She arranged to have an ad designed for us, wrote an editorial for our approval and provided photographs from the night to go in the April magazine. We could not believe the response! We know we are a good Cellar and on a main road but we were inundated with new customers from far and wide, who had already seen us in the iMAG magazine. The locals soon heard about the fuss and came in wanting copies of the magazine – and shopping of course –  so we rang Margaret and asked may we have some more magazines please. She happened to be not far away with deliveries so we have had excellent Easter and holiday sales. I heartily recommend Margaret’s personal attention on all aspects.

“iMag contributed significantly to my client base. The freedom and space to speak directly from the heart to potential clients had such an impact that after a few months my practice developed to the point where I no longer required advertising. For that reason I’m happy to give Marg and iMag full marks. Thank you and bless you.”

Gwen dejong, Counsellor